History of Trenton

History of Trenton, Tennessee


The City of Trenton, which is the county seat of Gibson County, was incorporated on December14, 1847.  The present courthouse was completed in 1901 and was listed on the National Register in 1976.  Trenton is the location of the world's largest collection of Porcelain Veilleuse-Theiere (night - light teapots).  This unusual collection was assembled by Doctor Frederick C. Freed, a native of Trenton.  The collection is housed in the Trenton City Hall and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The teapots provide a theme around which Trenton organizes its week long Trenton Teapot Festival, which is held annually beginning the last weekend of April and lasts through the first week in May.  Trenton is blessed with a tremendous school district that excels in academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities and provides our children with a safe place to learn.  All schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges.  Economically Trenton is a blend of agriculture and industry.  Trenton features three industrial sites encompassing over 133 acres for existing and prospective industry.  The citizens of Trenton believe they have the best of all worlds.  It is a community where families can grow, prosper, and worship together while taking pride in the community's education, recreation, and industry. 



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Trenton - Originally known as Gibson-Port, Trenton is the oldest town in the county and was chosen county seat in 1825. Incorporated on December 17, 1847, Trenton celebrates November 2, 1825 as her birthday. The present day courthouse was built in 1899 and is considered one of the most handsome the state.
The first court - known at that time as Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions - met and was organized January 5, 1824, in the Luke Bigg's home four miles northeast of Trenton.
The post office, originally established in 1824 as Gibson County Court House, was changed to Trenton in 1825.  The Western Union was the first newspaper; today's weekly is The Herald Gazette.


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