F l o r i s t                        

Business Name:        George's Flowers 
Owner(s)/Manager(s): Jewell Hardaway             
Business Address:      122 Davy Crockett Shopping Center, Trenton, TN 38382 

Telephone Number(s): 731 855-9233
Cell Phone:                731 487-3167
E-Mail Address(s):

Office Hours:                9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Saturday
Services/Comments:   Full Service Florist-Deliveries to all of Gibson County.

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Business Name: xxxxxxx
Owner(s)/Manager(s): XXXX
Business Address: 111 Street, Trenton, TN 38382

Telephone Number(s): 731 855-XXXX
Fax Number: 731 855-XXXX
E-Mail Address(s):

Office Hours: ?:?? am to ?:?? pm
Services/Comments: ?
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